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10 Best Wedding Venues and Banquet Halls in Austin, TX

French Legation Museum

French Legation MuseumFrench Legation Museum has two and a half acres of sprawling gardens and well-kept lawns that have a unique view of downtown Austin. This wedding venue in Austin, TX has the oldest structure made of wood in the entire city. There are several locations at the Museum that can be utilized for a reception hall or utilized to have a beautiful garden wedding venue. Included are three lawns, the Northwest Lawn, Front Lawn and Lower East Lawn, in addition to the Lower Mall and Carriage house Loft. No matter which location you choose it is sure to be a gorgeous location for a beautiful outdoor wedding.

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Neill-Cochran House Museum

Neill-Cochran House MuseumThe Neill-Cochran House Museum is a great Austin wedding venue for a bride and groom that are searching for an intimate and private oasis for your wedding venue in Austin or for a Quinceanera celebration. Whatever the occasion or event the Neill-Cochran House Museum is filled with beautiful architecture reflecting the mid-1800’s and is a great location if you want a banquet hall that has a vintage and classic feeling to it. Enjoy a layout that easily includes that indoors and outdoors on your special day and have your guests arrive to an inviting mansion with 6 huge pillars that truly make this location unique.

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Barr Mansion and Artisan Ballroom

Barr Mansion and Artisan BallroomThe Barr Mansion and Artisan Ballroom is a breathtaking location that is only about 15 minutes from downtown Austin, Texas. With a huge forty foot glass facade that welcomes real sunlight to your wedding you will be able to get great pictures that will capture the uniqueness of the venue. This wedding venue in Austin is one of the most highly reviewed venues because of how well incorporates the outdoors, affordable prices and the great choices you will find they offer. Your reception hall will be a canvas that you can literally turn it into whatever your heart desires or leave it be and let the natural beauty of the venue shine.

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Mercury Hall Events and Performance Center

Mercury Hall Events and Performance CenterThe Mercury Hall Events and Performance Center offer a park-like setting with structures on the property dating back as far as 1904. Enjoy the history, beauty and cheap rates at this wedding venue in Austin, TX. When they began designing this location as a wedding venue they wanted to capture the beauty of the countryside but still integrate park–like features that would make this Austin wedding venue one of the top rated of its kind.  With great prices you get a beautiful reception hall and ceremony location that resembles one of the local Austin wedding chapels, all within your budget.

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House on the Hill

House on the HillThe House on the Hill is a wedding venue in Austin that sits high atop a hill that has breathtaking views of Austin and the surrounding areas. This is a great location for any couple that wants a garden wedding venue or a intimate and small wedding venue. This location is only minutes away from downtown and is one of the best Austin wedding venues that offer big oak trees, natural ponds and lush gardens. Enjoy a venue that doesn’t need much décor added because of the natural beauty that will be surrounding you on your special wedding day.

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The Inn at Wild Rose Hall

The Inn at Wild Rose HallThe Inn at Wild Rose Hall is a unique venue that is set in the Texas country side with all the amenities that other wedding venues in Austin offer. They offer lodging on the property that is surrounded by beautiful oak trees and landscaping that will complement your wedding day. The property spans across six acres of countryside so you will have many options for a ceremony location. This hidden gem is placed outside of city limits and is a great location for any couple in search of a beautiful garden wedding venue amongst gorgeous oaks and lush gardens.

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The Mansion

the mansionThe Mansion is a beautiful historic wedding venue in Austin that allows you complete freedom of whatever you would like to do with the reception halls. You can decorate it with lighting, décor, music and other items that will give your wedding the theme and feeling you have always dreamed of. Although this gorgeous mansion does not need much addition décor added because of the amazing attention to detail in the craftsmanship when built. Enjoy this Austin wedding venue with all of your guests while you welcome your new life together as one; the Mansion is truly a unique and historic location that will turn all of your moments into memories.

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Green Pastures

Green PasturesThe Green Pastures Restaurant has been serving Austin, TX for over 65 years. It started as a small quant restaurant only steps away from downtown Austin, Texas and quickly grew to one of the most popular party venues and wedding venues in Austin. If you are a couple in search of a private small wedding venue that offers affordable prices then the Green Pastures is a wonderful location. They offer several options for reception halls and a great location to choose so you can have a garden wedding venue. No matter which location you choose at the Green Pastures you will be filled with bliss and beauty on your special day.

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The Vista on Seward Hill

The Vista on Seward HillThe Vista on Seward Hill is a premier wedding venue in Austin that is for the couple looking to truly indulge and spoil themselves on their wedding day. Every direction you look there is a picturesque view that is elegant and breathtaking. This pavilion is truly a one-of-a-kind Austin wedding venue hat has elaborate architectures including fireplaces, candelabras and huge beautiful drapery that will turn any wedding night into a ball. Enjoy an amazing team of wedding planners and consultant that will turn your ideas into reality and be able to have the perfect outdoor garden wedding venue and reception hall you have always dreamed of.

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Palm Door

Palm DoorThe Palm Door is a chic and modern wedding venue in Austin that is a blank canvas you can add your own unique touch to their ballroom and reception hall.  They have a large deck that can accommodate everyone at your wedding while they dance the night away. They offer several locations, indoors and outdoors on their property and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure all your needs are met. Their in-house catering team can craft you amazing meals and cocktails that will be one of the best parts of the wedding for you and your guests.

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